Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review: MAC To the Beach!

Hello, all!

Time for review of the collection I was so excited for-- MAC's Summer 2010 To the Beach!

When I went to the MAC counter, the specialist told me that the idea of the collection was "To look dewy, like you were glistening, with bursts of color."
Well, let's see!

*I tend to like to look at pictures on blogs rather than read a lot of text, so I've transferred that to my blog -- apologies for all of the pictures of well, me, but I think before/after photos really demonstrate products well!

First off: Bronzer in Get-Away Bronze

With just concealer/mascara on:

With Bronzer:

The woman said (repeatedly) that she thought that bronzer was a little too dark for me-- I told her I like to double-up bronzer as a contouring tool, and she stopped, haha. I think it's quite natural! It has great staying power, doesn't settle into fine lines/pores, and it has enough warmth to it to not even use a blush. Nice!

Bronzer on the back of my hand-- it has a nice shimmer to it, but not too intense. Pretty!

Up next! Lipstick in Thrills:

No color:

With lipstick:

I couldn't quite get a picture of the
exact color--- it has this undertone, but it is a Frost lipstick, and has so much copper in it that that's really the color that pulls from it. I'm used to more of a pink color on my lips, so I haven't been convinced I'm going to keep this just yet... still might possibly get returned. =\ Also, as you can see in the picture, it feels moisturizing but completely shows the fine lines on your lips. Eh.

Moving on!
Eyeliner in Rosemary and Thyme:

This was actually an "oops" photo-- but it shows the color of the eyeliner AND the shimmer of the Marine Life High-light:

The green is a great color! Not too bright, but enough to where you can tell it's green! It slightly fades by the end of the day-- that's my only qualm with it.

As you can see, the High-Light powder is definitely a shimmer and
not glitter-- good job, MAC!

Here is the completed face with: concealer, mascara, Rosemary and Thyme eyeliner, Get-Away Bronze bronzer, and Marine Life High-Light powder. (No Lipstick).

Has anyone else purchased anything from this line? Gone to the counter to play with it? Want to go haul something? I'd love to hear what you think!

Until next time~
Beauty Maven


  1. I am going to head to the counter to find some of this. The packaging is adorable, which I think really helps. I love the lipstick color - I might try it on me! :)

  2. I love the bronzer!! I cant stand brozers that make you orange and glittery and this one definitely doesn't do that! Thanks for the review!

  3. Hey girlies! Sorry for the late response!! Thanks for the comments~

    Terrica! Yes I was mostly sold on the packaging, haha!! I mean, Neutrogena makes a a perfectly good bronzer, but who could resist the adorable sea creatures? =)

    Gracie! Thank you so much!! This one definitely has a great tone-- not too orange but not too muddy either. We shall definitely have to play soon!