Monday, February 28, 2011

Mascara Monday-- YSL Mascara Singulier


This weekend I got to go play at Sephora and let me tell you, I MISS having a Sephora so close!! The one in JCPenney just isn't the same... siiigh. I definitely spent about an hour just flitting around the store. Good times!

I have read some amazing reviews for YSL's Mascara Singulier, (like the review here), so I decided to give it a shot. Who doesn't love a super-fab mascara?

What it claims--- Well this one comes with a little baby pamphlet, so I will try to paraphrase:
A daring new interpretation of beautiful eyes. Glamorous volume, bold length, voluptuous curl and dramatic styling: Mascara Singulier dares to do everything. At the heart of this long-lasting formula, the "Modelling Stretch Complex" sculpts the lashes in three dimensions: Volumizing micro-spheres, Miscro-fibres to extend the lashes, and a High Performance curling wax.
A unique innovation by YSL, the mascara brush combines the technology of a traditional brush with the structure of a molded brush to increase the performance of the formula. 

Um, will it walk the dog and do my homework, too?

Let's check out this "unique" brush:

The brush was very interesting-- part of the reason I had to try it! Why don't companies make the little trial wands with the actual brush? Maybe for suckas like me. Hmm..

So how did it do?

Bare Lashes

Bare Lashes

With Mascara

With Mascara

Up to show length


I have to admit. I drastically dislike like mascara.

Be warned, it is a fragranced mascara. It actually smells quite nice, not chemically, and it didn't bother my eyes-- but if your eyes are sensitive then this will not work for you.

The formula is a tad on the thick side, which might work nice with a different wand, but this combination is a no-go. The formula also dries out like nobody's business! By the end of the day, my eyes were almost itchy from the crunchy mascara. Bleh! (Though, it didn't flake. Odd.)

I don't know if you guessed this already or not, but in the next couple of days I am marching myself back to Sephora and returning this. It's probably the biggest mascara disappointment I have experienced.

In a flash~
Don't buy it!!!!

Have you had any major product flops?? Tell me about them!

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

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