Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review: L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara

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Reviewed for today is L'Oreal's Telescopic Explosion Mascara.
(Otherwise known as the drugstore version of Givenchy's Phenom'Eyes mascara)

The claim, as per
NEW! L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara - Black
100% of Lashes are lengthened and separated!
L'Oreal's first spherical brush - Reaches every last lash!
What's the secret to an explosive look?

  • THE BRUSH: Our spherical brush applies from every angle to reach every lash.
  • THE FORMULA: Ultra-smooth application with exceptional wear: no clumps, flakes or smudges.
  • THE LOOK: 100% of lashes lengthened & separated for an explosive, fanned-out effect.

Well then! Let's give her a try!!

Here is a photo of the package and wand:

Which um, decided it didn't want to go sideways. Rude.

So let's look at that wand. Intimidating, no? I was really excited to try this one because I kept reading good things about Givenchy's and at about $30 I was reluctant to try it.. so when this came along I snatched it up!

The little spike ball of an applicator was difficult to work with... in my review picture it's of about my 4th try with it. I really did give this little one a fighting chance, but it just wasn't very impressive. =(

Here are pics of my try:

Without mascara:

With Mascara:

Check out that awkward straggler!

You can kind of see the claim that it 'fans out lashes"-- but the major thing with this mascara was 1. that it was so dang hard to work with and 2. the formula wasn't buildable without severe clumps. Ugh, clumps. Nothing worse on lashes!!

For the price, it was kind of fun to see how to mess with the whole spherical mascara applicator trend, and the L'Oreal version was way cheaper to experiment with than Givenchy's, but unless you're just wanting to play with this and then let it sit in the drawer, I would NOT purchase this.

What do you think? Have you tried this? Thinking of buying it? What do you think of the new sperical applicator trend?

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