Sunday, January 17, 2010

Review: CoverGirl Smoky ShadowBlast

Happy Monday!

This week is Review week. Hopefully it will be interesting and make you smile. =)

Under the scope today: CoverGirl's new Smoky ShadowBlast cream eyeshadow.

The Claim?: "Easily achieve colorful smoky eyes! Smoky ShadowBlast's expertly matched shades, uniquely shaped tips and smoky eye creams, give you an easy way to achieve smoky eye perfection."

Basically, the pointy side is used like an eyeliner and the rounded side is used like a shadow.

The one I decided to try is "Bronze Fire":

The color of this one is gorgeous! Great sheen to the beige color and a nice rich chocolate. I was really excited for these to come out -- the moment I saw the ad in a magazine I was a regular at Walgreen's, haha! Which makes me sad to say that I eventually returned it. =(

The biggest con about this duo is the formula-- even with an eye primer, the shadow creased in less than an hour! The liner shade was nice, but still bled onto my lids. So sad! I was tempted to keep it just to use the eyeliner side.. but honestly it's a bit bulky to only use the one side. And it's $8.49.. a bit much for sub-par. Eh.

Another qualm I have with this line is the pairings. On CoverGirl's website in the Smokin' Look Demo it states: "Use the rounded tip for all-over color. -- Use the tapered tip for lining and definition." The review looks amazing because they used Onyx Smoke~ white shimmer with black liner. Um... Duh.

BUT! Please tell me why you would want to walk around with this color all over?!

Only a select few would 1. Have the personality to carry such a bold color and/or 2. Know how to properly wear such a bold color. Whoa.

Here's my go with this:

The base color didn't blend very well, which made me sad because at first glance I thought it might be a good highlighter. As you can see here, it was entirely too dark for my fair skin. Strike 1. So the chocolate color was very nice against my green eyes, a redeeming quality, but it wasn't so easy to blend with the base color. Strike 2. And see how it's already creasing in the second picture? Less than 10 minutes after application! Strike 3.

(I have to admit though, I am somewhat tempted to try the Black Onyx color and see if the white could work as an inner-eye highlighter and how badly the black would bleed...hmm. Might see another revew on this!)

CoverGirl's Smoky ShadowBlast... I'd say it's a NO.

Have you tried this? Agree, disagree? Give me some feedback!

Until next time~
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