Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bold Shadow!


Sorry for the late posting.. I still have yet to find convenient internet, so I guess I'll have to get creative! =)

So today I wore my super-purple Heidi Klum eyeshadow palette to work. Let me tell you about some of the comments I received:
- "Whoa, I like your shadow! Bold for work, but it's awesome!"
- "Oooh you did your eye stuff different! Cat-eye!"
- "It makes you look older, more mature and polished!"

Hahaha... makes me smile =)

Here are pictures (via iPhone):

Noooot necessarily super bold, but bold for me!

I have to admit though, I'm digging it! Definitely makes my eyes stand out more! I'm going to have to experiment with color of my lids a little more.

Tell me a lil' about your eyeshadow!

Until next time,
~Beauty Maven

1 comment:

  1. I really like the purple! I am bad at doing my own eye shadow though so I usually don't wear it