Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Experience: Manicure

Hello world!

Still Internet-less-- but this blog has a neat feature where I can text message posts to my blog (hence the weird font, haha!)

I wanted to do a quick post today on acrylic nails. My good buddy and I went last Monday to get our nails done cause she had this amazing coupon ($20!). I have to admit, if done right, I LOVE the look of fake nails. They male all of your nails the same length which I adore cause I love nail polish, and depending on how good they are they look like you have really healthy nails, haha!

It never fails, though, that I have to clip mine down and round the edges right after leaving the salon. (You know, all 2 times that I've had them done lol) This time when I clipped them it messed up my thumb nail! Sad day :(

You can't really tell but it's coming up in the back corner. Aww. Otherwise this set has done well! I'll probably get them removed later this week-- last time I tried to take them off and faaaailed.

I will be sad to see them go.. Aww.

My favorite part of having these was not worrying about breaking my nails! My real nails seem so fragile, haha! But some downsides were not being able to scratch very well, not being able to peel off stickers.. like the ones they use to close drugstore make-up.. haha.

Have you ever had acrylic nails? Just for occasions, or more frequently? Or never? I want to hear some stories! :)

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  1. I kept up with my nails once for about half a year. If you want to trim them down, the trick is to file them rather than clip. You use the big nail files that you would see a young girl have that seem cheap but are rough to wear it down that way you don't get the bubble effect. Having them a little longer always was a problem, however, when I decided to wear my contacts. I could get them in but never out without scratching my eye! Anyway, I love having a regular manicure done now so it doesn't wear down my real nails