Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Review: DiorShow Black Out Mascara

Hello! Happy Wednesday~

Today I have another review for you! Aaand -- It's Dior again =)
(Yes, the other duo in my mini set, haha! You're so smart.)

DiorShow Black Out Mascara
Full size - $24 at Sephora

What it is:
An extreme-black mascara.

What is does:
DiorShow Black Out Mascara gives your lashes a little more oomph and a lot more drama. Intensified by ultra-black, kohl pigments, the formula glides on smoothly and draws each lash out to show-stopping lengths. Wear it alone, or layer it over DiorShow to glamour-eyes in an instant!

Well, that's exciting!
Let's take a look at it on~

No mascara--

With DiorShow Black Out--

Oops! Sorry for the kinda blurry shot~ but I think it gets the point across =)

This Dior mascara definitely is a more intense black than the original. But it didn't seem to give me as much length as the original, and I'll tell you why! The brush is a little different-- the bristles on the Black Out brush are a little flimsier and not as densely packed as the original. The brush astually reminds me of the bristles on Fresh's Supernova mascara, (though Dior's brush is larger and tapers).

I also tried layering Black Out over DiorShow, as said above, to "glamour-eyes in an instant!"

Definitely made my lashes like WHOA! Haha! Good for out partying, but a bit too clumpy for day, in my opinion.

All-in-all, not a horrible mascara, but I don't think I'd recommend purchasing the full-size unless you have $25 to throw around. ;) There are drugstore brands that will definitely do the same thing for less than half the cost.

What do you think? Fan of Dior? Love it, hate it? Leave me some feedback! Especially anything you'd like for me to try!

Until next time~
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