Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Review: DiorShow Mascara

Review tiiiiime!!

Today I have for you... *cue the trumpets* DiorShow Mascara!
(I found a little duo at Sephora and couldn't help myself!)

The full-size mascara is $24 at Sephora.

Ok! As per Sephora's website, let's learn about this puppy!

What it is:
A cult-followed mascara that leaves lashes ultra thick, long, and curled.

What it is formulated to do:
DiorShow Mascara is Dior's original, must-have mascara that delivers ultra-glam, catwalk-length lashes. Makeup artists all over the world use this product to create the longest, thickest, curviest lashes ever.

Well! I'm excited-- I don't know about you!

First of all, some pictures:

No mascara:

And with DiorShow:

This mascara was pretty great! It did indeed give length, volume, and some curl! The fromula was great-- thick enough to build but not too thick that it easily clumps. The only dislike I really have is that the brush is HUGE. This is one of those mascaras that you'd want to put on
before you do your eye make-up because you'll most likely have to clean mascara off your lid with a QTip, haha!

Here is a picture of the wand.
(Keep in mind I have the mini trial size.)

See how big? Reminds me of Benefit's BadGal mascara.

As a whole, I tend to like smaller wands because I really like to get in my lashes and all that jazz, but this mascara really did surprise me! The brush really grabbed my lashes, and maybe if I was more careful I wouldn't have a big mess on my lids after application, haha!

If you're wanting to try this mascara, there is a link above the wands (click on "mini") but there is also another value set~ DiorShow Lash Essentials Set from Sephora which includes a full-size of Dior's Iconic Mascara, which has received great reviews, and also the two mini's of DiorShow and DiorShow Black Out. I wanted this set but Sephora didn't have it at the time, aww.

Hope you all are having a great start to the week!

Any new mascaras you want me to try for you? Let me know! =)

Until next time~
Beauty Maven


  1. I wanted to try DiorShow, but I already have Benefit's BadGal Lash Mascara so I think I'll just stick with this until it runs out, cause I really like it anyhow! I just bought the Dior Airflash Foundation and I like it except it dries out my skin a lot so I have to like super-moisturize.

    Oh, and I tried your suggestion with the gel liner from Maybelline and it is wonderful!!!! Just need to practice a little more with the brush, but thank you so much!! It is great and stays put for the entire day on me! Hope everything is ok with your apartment!

  2. Oooh I'm jealous with your DiorFlash-- it looks gorgeous even in the packaging, haha!! I have actually never tried BadGal because the huge brush scared me~ I might have to try one of the mini's from Sephora though! A lot of people love it~

    I'm so glad you liked the gel!! I bought the gray and I think I'd use it more if I got the black =\

    My apartment is back to normal, thank you for asking! They did a really great job cleaning everything up! =)

    Thanks for the comments, Emily!