Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New series~


So, having a job and this on the side has proven tiring... thus the long hiatus.

However! I have an interesting couple of weeks ahead of me that I want to share--

I am getting Lasix THIS THURSDAY!!!!!! But to prepare for this, I cannot wear ANY eye make-up this week, and NO MAKE-UP .... AT ALL starting this Wednesday through the entirety of next week!


Let me tell you--- I'm the type who, if I have to run out the door, I will (quickly) put on some under-eye concealer and a swipe of mascara. Just imagine how crazy I must feel to go to WORK (which is Customer Service... dealing with people.. oh geez) without ANY make-up on! It's not so much an insecure thing, though I do look like I'm so tired I'm basically already asleep without any eye make-up on, but I love getting up and getting ready, and I truly believe it's a sign of respect for the customers if I obviously put in the effort to get ready for the day!

So- my way to compensate for these two days that I can wear face make-up is to make sure my skin looks absolutely flawless.. hopefully that will distract from my lack of lush, mascara-laden lashes... because they are basically not even there without some product.. if this had sound you'd hear me squeak out a small whimper..

My arsenal today includes: L'Oreal TrueMatch super-blendable compact make-up, Maybelline SuperStay concealer (I don't want it going ANYwhere), Maybelline Define-A-Brow, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Bronzer, MAC Strobe liquid to highlight, and Clinique cream blush. Oh! and my trusty eyelash curler~ we'll see how long they even stay curled ;). I'm just glad to have my glasses to kind of define my eyes!

I'm actually glad this happened--- I've read blogs/journals about girls going without make-up for a week/month, and I always thought it would be interesting! And now, I am forced into it, haha. I even bought a pair of faux glasses for -after- the surgery so I can still have my little security blanket!

I'm going to document this, though... I'm actually really excited for this project! =)

More to come~

Beauty Maven


  1. Good luck with the no makeup! I know that will be super hard for you, but possibly therapeutic? haha

  2. Glad to see you back! I haven't checked in a while cause you stopped but now I get to go through and comment on everything woohoo!