Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Project, Day 2


Let me tell you some highlights from yesterday and my no eye make-up parade~

- First of all, I walk in to work and my other female co-worker (who, by the way, is wearing the most GORGEOUS green eyeshadow/purple eyeliner combo.. jealous) tells me, "Oh I looove your make-up!! So natural!" Hey! =) Talk about going from self-conscious to awesome in about half a second. I love her.

- Throughout the day, I still acted like I had make-up on-- which, in a sense, I still did. For instance, when my eye had an itch, I would still be all delicate as to not mess up my "mascara." After a few times of doing this and then feeling silly since it wasn't necessary, I tried a good ol' fashioned eye rub. Believe it or not, that felt SO WEIRD to do during the day instead of at night after I had washed my face. WEIRD.

- Not a SINGLE person made a comment about me "looking sleepy." This was really what I had expected, but no! I guess the glasses proved to be an excellent deterrent, muah ha!

- However, I still desperately wanted to put on some mascara. It sounds silly, but I actually really
enjoy "putting on my face" in the morning... it's almost somewhat meditative. And! What the heck, I kept seeing all these amazing mascara ads and sales yesterday-- Really?! Mean.

All-in-all, this whole experience is turning out to be very nice! I think when I'm home this weekend I won't wear ANYTHING at all and see how I feel... whoa, I know.

Side note: I read one story about a girl who went a month without make-up (!) and she said when she put it on once again, that she noticed the smell over evvvvery product... I mean it makes sense, but how interesting!

I'll keep you posted on the surgery! =)

-- Beauty Maven

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