Thursday, June 24, 2010

Maybelline Galore!

Hello Lovelies!!

I have a treat for you today!! =)

So I have been on the PROWL looking for Maybelline's new The Falsies mascara -- I mean, who wouldn't with that name?? ;) And I *finally* found it last night at Walgreen's-- yaaay!!

But! In the midst of my search, I found another Maybelline mascara to try. I decided to do a special double-review for these dolls.

First up!

Maybelline The Turbo Volum' Express Mascara.
What it claims (as per the packaging):
- Instant volume
- Speed Expand formula and Turbo Brush zoom on volume up to 7x.
- Do not let dry between coats

Speed Expand formula?! So my first thought on this was that it would literally expand upon application... which is actually quite genius! Especially for volume. Alas, I did not notice any of this happening... but it was a great volumizing mascara, regardless.


First of all, the wand. It has densely packed bristles, perfect for grabbing every little lash and providing maximum volume:

Starting point:

This mascara does an AMAZING job of voulmizing! Be warned though-- you must apply all the coats you are wanting while it is still wet. It does not layer well at ALL. Also, if you get a little too mascara happy... as I often do... You can get those little clumps on the end (you can see in the pic). You and normally just pinch those off and it's fine, though. Also, it does flake a smidge throughout the day.... that being said! It really is quite negligible.

I give it a thumbs up!


Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
What it claims (as per the packaging):
- Patented spoon brush and Kera-fiber formula instantly build 8x more volume without clumping to complete the false lash look.

Let's see, shall we?

Here is the Patented spoon brush--- it reminds me of Lancome's Hypnose Drama brush, but it works better because the bristles aren't as stiff. The bristles are longer on the sides then on top, so you can turn it a little sideways to comb through lashes. There is also a little bendy part about midway down the length... I have read a couple of blogs where they absolutely hate this-- not to be argumentative, but I really didn't even notice it, lol. It takes a LOT of force to make it bend.. I just didn't really notice, haha! But something to keep in mind*

Starting point:

Sorry it's a bit blurry! I think you can still see, though?

It is a little difficult to work with, so have a few practice rounds before having to apply it in a hurry! But it gives great volume and length and definition-- score! And if you curl your lashes after? Holy moly. So great. The only thing is that, again, if you go mascara happy, it can be clumpy. Just be aware. =) I am just now putting it on so I am not sure how it wears throughout the day, but I will post an update letting you all know!

And here they are side-by-side for comparison:

Again, with no mascara:

And.... Turbo and Falsies

I mean, dude, you can almost just wear either one of these mascaras and nothing else. Love it!

Leave me some thoughts!!!!!!

Until Next Time~
-- Beauty Maven


  1. OMG - I can not believe how well the Falsies worked. Do you think it would really improve volume too? I don't know if I could master it well enough to not get clumpies...which may lead to slimmer lashes, but that length is exceptional. I am stopping by Walgreens on the way home!

  2. That's awesome how you can see such a strong difference when the two are side-by-side. The falsie formula really is noticeably longer!
    I've been using Maybelline Lash Stileto-the Voluptuous formula-lately. It's exactly the same as the regular Lash Stilletto formula except the brush, I'm pretty sure. The Voluptuous brush is somewhere between a corkscrew and a regular curved brush. Kind of fun! Did you use just the darkest black shade for both of the mascaras?

  3. Helloooo!!

    Well I am glad to report that it wore SO WELL throughout the day! No flakes, no smudging... YES.

    Terrica-- The Falsies does EVERYTHING, haha!! Even with one swipe it does a great job. It is a different kind of wand though, so definitely give it a few trial runs to master it~ but even after one swipe it's comparable to a few from Voluminous. Yes, I just said that. ;) Let me know if you find it and what you think!!

    Ember-- It's so funny with the side-by-sides because even WEARING them, I was like, "Man this turbo is AWESOME-- WHOA! This Falsies is AMAZING!" The Turbo does a really good job, but Falsies delightfully out-performs, haha! They are both very dramatic-- some people might prefer a look like this solely for nighttime-- but they are fun regardless =)
    I tried the Stiletto-- it was weird in that it only worked sometimes.. odd, lol. I've read great things about the Voluptuous one! And yes I have the darkest "Blackest Black" for each. Interesting in you ask this because I have a coworker who has blonde hair/blue eyes who says she wears brown normally, which I never noticed. I did, however, notice how amazing her lashes looked! I've always read that blondes should use brown to not be as harsh, but I'd never seen it in real life! What color do you use?

    Thanks for the comments!!

  4. Wow. The Falsies is amazing. I love having big, bold lashes. Not a fan of the natural look.
    How much is the Falsies?

  5. Haha Shannon I totally agree!! Each one is about $8! And Walgreen's normally has a BYGO half off sale on Maybelline~