Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rockstar Nails!

I have something fun to show you!!

This past weekend I was at a bachelorette where the Bride-to-Be showed me her fancy pedicure-- called "RockStar Nails." They were so super-fab that I went and got a pedicure the next day. =)

Words don't do it justice, so here are some pics:

There are 3 super-cool things about this method:
1. It's COMPLETELY glitter! She mixed the glitter herself, so it's customized!, and painted on a gel and sprinkled the glitter onto it.
2. The gel is UV cured, meaning that after a minute under the UV light, it's 100% dry! Yay no smudges! She also smoothed them down so they don't feel gritty at all.
3. It doesn't chip! It stays on until you "file them off," as she put. I think I'll go back and have her do that, lol.

This woman was amazing! She's from California and has these fancy ways of doing nails... Definitely will be going back to her.

I know glitter can seem a bit much for some people, and it normally is for me, but I am absolutely loving this! =) What are your thoughts on it?

Happy Monday!

Until Next Time~
-- Beauty Maven


  1. My thoughts? Looks great on you, just don't think it would work for my skin tone. lol

  2. I love this look!! I have always been a fan of sparkles though. I'm going to research to see if I can find anyone in SC that can do this technique!!

  3. Haha JUSTIN you could SO ROCK THIS.

    Terrica! Isn't it divine? Lol!! I'm not sure if the official name is RockStar nails, but it's worth a Google, haha! =)