Monday, June 14, 2010


It's really Monday again, isn't it?? Man how the weekend flies by!

I need you're opinion on something. A few weeks ago, if you had asked me about blue eyeshadow, I would have scoffed at you and told you to not be a 12 year old. Now, however, I have seen some that looks pretty cool.... examples:

Stephanie Pratt

A la Make-Up and Beauty Blog

Well, I'm wearing a turquoise dress for one of many weddings of the summer, and I toyed with the idea of adding some blue. Here are my pics:

What do you think? Does blue look weird with green eyes? A little too trendy for a wedding? Tell me what you think!

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  1. I wear color on my bottom lid all the time and I love turquoise, personally!! I don't think its too trendy for a wedding, and it looks great with your eyes! Go for it! Only problem I had was with it like wearing off, but I got a waterproof pencil from Urban Decay that worked well, so I think if you just get a waterproof eyeliner it'll stay put!

  2. Emily! Thank you so much for the response!! =) The more I look at it, the more I like it, lol-- I'll definitely try it soon to see how the color wears throughout the day. And those Urban Decay pencils look SO gorgeous! I always play with them at Sephora, haha! Thanks again, girl!

  3. I think the blue looks great with blue clothing, not sure how it would look without it. Def sounds like a good plan for the wedding, though!

  4. Sorry I'm just now seeing this- when you started out with "blue eyeliner" I was expecting like full-upper-lid shadow, which would be somewhat difficult to pull off (but hey, GaGa can do it...) But I love the shadow as a liner. And it really works the best with non-blue eyes, I think. I like that yours is less of a hard line than the celeb examples. It's a subtle addition of color-and purple looks awesome that way too. I would be sure either to make the bluish shadow either almos exactly the same shade as the dress, or obviously a different bluish shade, otherwise it could clash a bit. Blue eyes are hard to use with blue liners/shadows because you have to make sure your eye blue doesn't clash with your makeup... who ever thought part of your face could clash? But trust this blue-eyed girl, it can.

  5. Justin-- Haha thanks for your opinion!! Always great to hear what the boys think =)I think I am going to wear it to the wedding!

    Ember-- I love hearing opinions, especially from an arteeest! Yeah, I think the pops of color are definitely more doable than a wash on the lid. And I never thought about blue-eyed gals having problems with blue, too! But you're so right-- and I bet it is really difficult to find a matchy color, because my evergreen is SO hard to find. Just curious-- did you ever not wear certain colors of clothing because of eye color? Because back in the day I definitely shied from blue because my eyes weren't, lol!