Friday, July 30, 2010


Hello Lovelies!!

HAPPY FRIDAY! And happy YOU CAN WEAR MAKE-UP day to meee! Yaaay!!

Ok so I recently found this AMAZING make-up artist who has videos on YouTube and she is positively fantastic--- and I have been dying to try this look~

Oh happy day =)

Here is her info:
Her website is -- she is hardly a geek though! Beautiful girl with lots of talent!!
She has lots of wonderful reviews and also extremely good videos-- not annoying 15 minute ones like some on YouTube =\ -- but there are lots of videos on her website to check out!

The one I am playing with today is her video with the Kardashian make-up how-to... yay!

Here are her pics:

And here are my pics!:

I'm trying to be all Sexy-Kardashian-Like... not working so much, lol.

Here is a close-up of the eye--- it was actually quite shadowed.. you can't really see it in the picture =( An example of how make-up for photos is different than make-up for real life! Uggh...

So I tried without flash so you can see it is indeed smoky =)

Another angle.

Not so much Kardashian on me-- though, I really don't think I have an "exotic" bone in my body lol... all German here, baby.

It is still a REALLY gorgeous smoky eye look! I will definitely do it again. And it's very nice with any eye color. Sometime before you go out, play with this! It's so fun and flattering-- really sultry! Ow Ow!

Check out MakeUpGeek~ she's so fantastic! A fun website for the weekend =)

Until Next Time~
Beauty Maven

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  1. I really want to try this out and see if I don't look like a skank haha :) it is very porn-star makeup! Your eyes look really pretty though! Did you follow all her steps just with different color palettes?