Thursday, July 29, 2010

Traveling tips!


Ok, so I forgot to post this earlier-- but I recently had a trip to the glorious land of COLORADO!! Mmmm...

But I only took a carry-on. And, I don't know if you know this, but packing all of my liquids into a little 1 quart bag was SO ANNOYING because I am a liquid gal. Not powder. Uggggggh.

So I learned a few things from the trip:

1. The little mini section at Wal-Mart is your FRIEND. Here is what I found:
- Clean&Clear face wash mini
- Jergen's body lotion mini
- Pantene Pro-V for Medium hair shampoo and conditioner minis
- Mini toothbrush (it folds!)
- Mini toothpaste

2. However, the little sample bottles of lotion are NOT enough to lotion your legs for 4 days. I would recommend getting the little 3 oz. bottles and filling it up with your fave lotion instead.

3. Also, for some reason I used the body lotion as face lotion (to "save space") but um... body lotion is NOT the same as face lotion. And I have preached for YEARS about this! So why did I do that? I don't know.. seemed smart. Ugh my face hated me. Too too greasy for comfort. =\ You can put your favorite into these little travel jars Wal-Mart has for like, $0.49. DO IT.

4. So when your lotion starts running out, I found that if you mix it with a teensy bit of water in the palm of your hand, it helps in reducing the amount you have to use by thinning it just a bit. It also makes it not so greasy for your face. Hooray!

5. I brought a mini shampoo (my short hair can go without conditioner for a bit-- but! if you bring the 3 oz. lotion bottle then lotion can double as conditioner for the ends of your hair in a pinch!) but let me tell you what I think I'll do next time:

*Dove bar soap truly is your BEST friend.
It can triple-task as body wash, face soap, AND shampoo.
(For a limited amount of time-- I wouldn't use it always, haha.)
Yes. Believe it. Dove soap is so gentle and has enough moisturizers in it to be used as all three.
(Another product you can use is Johnson's Baby Shampoo, but it can really dry your hair.)

Also, to me it was worth it to buy one of the little travel bottle kits (not the ones with products in it, just empty bottles) from Walgreen's simple for the super-sturdy top zip bag. My Ziplock bags always tend to rip =(

Anyhow! Just wanted to share some of that with you all. =)

Any other travel tips? I'd love to hear them!!

Until Next Time~
Beauty Maven

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