Thursday, July 8, 2010

New hair- New products!

Hello lovelies!

Well, I recently chopped off ALL of my hair. Whoo! Talk about a thrill, haha! But with a new cut comes.... different products!! =)

I recently purchased Pantene's new Fine Hair collection-- it works fantastically with short hair. More about that later. ;)

Here was my inspiration picture:

At the salon I purchased Bumble and Bumble's Grooming Creme, 2 oz. tube $12.00

I asked my stylist about which would be better for my fine/straight hair-- the creme or thickening spray, and she recommended the creme because 1. It's summer and everyone's hair needs more moisture and 2. The creme would have better staying power with my hair. Interesting!

She just used this on my ends to make it piecey:

However, today I tried it from about mid-way to the ends, and look!!

PS LOOK I can still do a ponytail, woot!

So great!! I am diggin' it =) And you want to know the best part? This is just air dried! (I know, I'm jealous I don't have waves, but hey, this is the next best thing, eh?)

I also have been using my trusty Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly mousse to make it curly:

Love it! I adore experimenting and having new things to play with, haha!

So tell me-- do you change products with a new cut? Do you change cuts often? With the seasons? Haha! Leave me some input!

Until Next Time-
~Beauty Maven


  1. I love Tousle Me Softly!! And I am very jealous of your air-dried hair, mine ends up in a frizzy mess when it is air-dried. Great haircut :)

  2. Isn't it an amazing product?? I was so surprised!! It's the ONLY product that will hold curl in my hair!

    It's funny-- I'd probably die for your hair, lol-- we always want what's on the other side, no?

    And thanks! I'm still getting used to it, haha! Thanks for the comment, Emily!