Friday, July 9, 2010

Review: Clinique High Lengths Mascara

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Well I was lucky a while back when a co-worker (whose lashes ALWAYS look amazing!) said, "Hey! Have you seen this mascara?? I have a trial size if you want to review it for your blog!" Heck YES- how nice, right??

So here it is-- Clinique's High Lengths Mascara, $14 at Clinique (also available at Sephora)

What it claims:

Stretch limp, lifeless lashes to lengths beyond your wildest expectations. And wow - eyes look noticeably wider, fully energized. Our curved, fine-toothed comb finds the tiniest lashes and brings them out of hiding. Ophthalmologist tested and appropriate for sensitive eyes.

Here is the wand:

Let's take a look at some pics!

Without mascara:


It really gives fantastic separation and length! Good job, Clinique!!

It wears well throughout the day-- no smudging or flaking. I will warn you though, this mascara DOES NOT layer well-- so be sure to apply all you want to BEFORE it dries. Remember that, and you're golden!

Also, it took a minute to get used to the wand. I had a difficult time figuring out just how to position it because the curve of the wand doesn't match the curve of my lashline, so I had to kinda twist and turn to find a good angle in which to apply it, haha! I eventually got the hang of it- partly because I was determined to get alllll the way to the base- but just be aware that it might take you a bit of maneuvering. ;)

I probably won't be purchasing this because I prefer to have more volume, but I really was impressed with how much length it gave-- and for a lengthening mascara it does have good volume!

What do you think? Think you'll try this? Do you like Clinique mascaras? Prefer drugstore brands? Let me know!

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