Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Red Hair "Experience"...


So this has been a while... but I think it's time I told you my "red hair story."

At the beginning of March, I was feeling a little bit rebellious and wanted to dye my hair either a darker brown or a "Shopaholic" red:

So I called up my buddy and we decided RED!

I've NEVER had problems with drugstore hair color before, but I apparently chose VERY unwisely with this one and wasn't prepared for the results =\

This is the morning after. I had wanted it reddish, but this vibrant of a shade (and uneven!) kind of freaked me out. So I called around to find a salon with an opening to help me fix my mistake. Ugh.

After salon trip 1-- She helped to get some of the red out and dyed it darker to help mask it.

After salon trip 2-- I had to do this in increments because I worked 12-8pm and had to do it in the mornings. STRESSFUL. Anyhow-- she had used bleach to life some highlights, but didn't have enough time to use a toner. So I ended up with ORANGE streaks.

Oh. And my CEO came in that day -- Luckily, he really liked it, haha!
(I probably should have left it like this awhile.. it was kind of pretty!!)

After salon trip 3-- Yes, I was very upset. I didn't want it this dark, and when she "toned" the highlights, they weren't blond at all. Yay. Such a waste of money.

Eventually the color calmed down and was quite pretty! (And I even began to kind of smile again, hahaha!)

But I'm not EVEN going to tell you how much this $7 box ended up costing me. Ugggh.

Later on I went to my normal stylist and had blonde highlights put in to brighten my color for the summer. Yay-- back to happy! =)

Moral of the story:
-- Do not change your hair color on a whim. Think about it!
-- Play with fun sites like InStyle's Hollywood Makeover to see the hair cut/color on you.

The first salon I visited let me know that:
-- To get rid of the color, use rubbing alcohol to open the strands to help release the color, or you can also soak your hair with olive oil to help get rid of it. You just apply, scrunch, rinse: repeat.
-- As far as the molecules in hair color, the different tones are as follows: Cool is green, neutral is purple, and red is orangey gold. Red is the largest molecule so it's the easiest to get rid of (if you act quickly).
-- PS! At home colors do do damage, otherwise the color wouldn't stay! The cuticle has to open to absorb the new color, and oh wait! To open the cuticle? Damage.

I sure hope none of you all have had such a pricey experience as this, haha!

And you know what's funny? I STILL think about how it would be fun to be a redhead-- you think I would have learned my lesson!!

Needless to say, I won't be using box-dyes for a long, long time. ;)

Stories? Thoughts? Post 'em!

Until Next Time~
Beauty Maven

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  1. What is your natural hair color? I think red hair color washes most people out anyhow, except for natural redheads, and even they can look really washed out without some makeup on (my mom is a redhead)! I think you look best as a blonde! You must have a great regular hairstylist, cause your hair looks great!