Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review: MAC Opulash

I can't believe I forgot to post this one!!

Okay-- Mascara review, yaaay!

On the table: MAC Cosmetics Opulash: $14 at counters.

What it claims:
Big, fat, bouffant lashes. Dramatic density and curl achieved with a giant brush. Fibres go in all directions for a thick, rich, even application. No clumping. Long-wearing formula, up to 15 hours, quickly thickens lashes, root to tip. Contains natural beeswax.

What they didn't tell you is by "long-wearing" they mean "tube-hybrid." This formula behaves like a tube mascara in that it really really stays in place (even after hours of laying out at the pool and a work-out!) and it comes off with warm water and soap, but it's not really a tube formula because it comes off in little flakes ("Fibres?") instead of "tubes."

So fascinating!!

FYI: A "tube" technology mascara is one that essentially encloses each lash in a little tube which is extremely water resistant-- dare I say "proof"?-- until warm water is applied. If it's a proper "tube" mascara, it will NOT smudge, run, clump, or flake. Aka this is the mascara to wear at a pool or water event if you must wear mascara, haha!
I don't know if these are necessarily good for your lashes because typically anything water resistant is extremely drying and will make your lashes brittle if used often. I will look into this-- just for you. ;)

Ok-- pictures!!

Bare lashes:

With Opulash:

Close up:

I think it does a very good job of creating a volumized look! It can clump pretty easily, so be careful and be sure to apply all that you want in one go because after it dries you can't add another coat without it looking hideous.

I usually wear this on my bottom lashes, since that's where my mascara likes to migrate to my undereye area. Ugh. And raccoon eyes are rarely acceptable. I have worn it on the top a lot, especially for working out or if I'm laying out by the pool-- yes, I sometimes wear mascara at the pool, lol. ;)

Oh! And at the MAC counter, when I asked what was the "Sales pitch" for this mascara, they said that it is "Humidity resistant." Indeed, it is! Maybe good for those South Carolina gals??

I recommend it! =)

What do you think? Have you tried this? Think you might/might not? In need of a waterproof mascara?

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  1. Ok, either you are psychic or Adam told you that I need humidity resistant/sweatproof makeup!!! I have been complaining about this all week!!! It has been my first week of classes at Clemson, and I was literally covered in my eye makeup haha it was awful!! I'm definitely going to get this because it makes your lashes look great too! Thanks :)

  2. Hahaha well I'm glad I had good timing, lol!! I am really impressed with the staying power of this mascara, but it's not too drying. Thumbs up, MAC!

    I was in Florida recently and I semi-tested some products with the heat/humidity down there.. omg it's impossible!! I finally just wore this mascara and my Dream Mousse concealer (awesome staying power!) and that was IT. I don't know how people in such hot places do it.. I'd definitely be sad to not be able to wear anything on my face, haha!!

    Hope school is going well!