Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun with False Lashes!!


Ok---Story time:

In college I lived in my Sorority house, and for my last Formal a local beauty joint set up shop in our basement and offered spray tans and "permanent lashes" at a discounted price. The lashes are normally $50+ and now they were a flat $30, so I decided to splurge. I was so glad I did!!

The lashes looked AMAZING-- I mean, brightened my whole face and made me look more awake, even without mascara. I know, right? All I needed was concealer. It made me so flippin' happy.

Recently I was in Ulta and saw a Duralash Starter Kit (on sale!) and it was the same that the woman used... even then I noticed these things. ;) I decided to give them a shot for New Year's Eve.

The kit includes lashes in short, medium, and long, and also tweezers for easier application along with adhesive and remover. (Trust me, you want that remover!!) These promise to last "for weeks." Thanks for being so specific. We shall see how long they do!

Here are progressive pics of applying~

And more...


Side view..

Decided to add more!


I seriously want to wear these Every. Single. Day. Words cannot express.

Application was a smidge tricky. The initial one took about 15 minutes per eye, and I went back later last night to add more-- why not, right? I love the results!! I used the short ones near the middle, and the medium for the rest. The long ones were simply too long for me. I also trimmed where the short met the medium with a pair of cuticle scissors to make them blend better.

I hope they stay intact 'til Friday night!! =D

What do you think? Ever tried these? Or any false lashes? Going to do anything special for the New Year?

Leave me some thoughts!!

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

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