Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Year's Dress-Up

Hi there!

Lately I've had hair on the mind. More specifically, hair-do's for New Year's. Why, you ask? Because I have mid-length hair and I'm wearing a dress that I believe asks for an up-do. Which isn't the most fun thing with short-ish hair.

I played last night-- wanted to share in case anyone else is having my same woes!

I started out by using a 1" curling iron to make curls all over to create texture:
(*I curled my bangs backward because I wanted to try putting them up.)

Then tease with a brush that has plastic bristles and boar bristles, like this one from Sally Beauty Supply (about $6):

Tease away! Make it bigger than you'd like, since you'll be brushing it down to smooth:

I took the top half of the hair, smoothed it, and then twisted it and pushed it up for more volume before pinning along the twist. I then took chunks from the back and twisted and pinned, trying to make it pseudo-French Twisty.

These were taken in the mirror, but I think you can see:

I really love the back! Not quite what I was wanting from the front though~ I might play again and leave my bangs down so I'll have something framing my face. Hmmmm decisions!

How do you normally wear your hair for formal occasions? Depend on the crowd, or the dress?

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

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