Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Makeover fun~

Needless to say, this week is going to be a bit busy--- actually, up until New Year's, probably! I do not see any product reviews in that time, (sorry), but I'll have some beauty thoughts and also we can chat and talk about the fun sets that came out for the holidays and also things for Spring, whoo!

Lately, I've had hair on the mind. Not too long ago I dyed my hair a little darker, the same night my friend had me highlight her hair. I'm starting to get some roots-ish, (probably something only I notice), and have been thinking about what to do with it.

For the past hour or so I've been playing with InStyle.com's Hollywood Makeover Tool. It is so much fun!

Here are some random pics:

Emma Stone's enviable red (though not at the moment):

Cat Deeley's volume:

Mischa Barton's hair in Brown with highlights:

Carey Mulligan's Pixie:

Carrie Underwood's mid-length do:

Nicki Minaj's PINK hair:

You can also so "Complete Looks" with hair and make-up:
Kate Winslet's glam look:

Hahaha--- silly, I know... but SO MUCH FUN! =D

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

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