Thursday, December 9, 2010

VS Fashion Show 2010 Make-Up, pt. 2!


....The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show re-aired on The CW last night, so I wanted to do another post for them. =D

So now we have a part 2 to this one~ A few days ago on Facebook my VS Fanpage had a video of THEIR how-to for the make-up of the Fashion Show. Here's what they have to say, with pics of the products~

(Click to enlarge)

Pro Airbrush FX Face Primer SPF 20 -- $14
Soft Focus Liquid Foundation SPF 20 -- $16
Oil-free Concealer -- $12
Bronzer/Highlighter Trio -- $14
Eyeshadow Quads in Eye Contact and Sultry -- $15 each
Matte Cream Lipstick in Icon -- $12
Lipgloss in Opal -- $10
Minerals Lip Gloss in Naughty -- $10
Lip Liner in Foxy Brown -- $8
Pro Voluptuous FX Mascara -- $12
TOTAL - $138

Directions for the VS Fashion Show 2010 Make-Up:
~Create the "Basic Face" aka become flawless with primer, foundation, and concealer.
- Using the Bronzer/Highlighter trio, apply bronzer under the eye, not in the contour of the cheek.
- Using the eyeshadow quad in Eye Contact, apply the 2 darkest colors in the crease.
- Using the eyeshadow quad in Sultry, apply the second to darkest shade on the lower lashline, smudged with loose powder in Gold Dust
- Apply Mascara
- Using lipgloss in Glow, apply to brow and browbone, and also as a highlight on the upper cheekbone to really "glow."
- Take lipliner in Foxy Brown and apply to the center of the lips-- yes, center-- to really give a pouty look.
- Use lipstick in Icon, lightly apply to rest of lip.
- Finish with lip gloss in Naughty

I was dumbfounded while watching this video. Gloss on your face?? Brown lipliner in the middle of your lips?! C'mon... really??

But when re-watching the show, at the beginning there's a close-up of a model blowing a kiss and you can see that lips trick. So odd! And weird to me to see the angels with color on their lips-- it's normally very neutral. I can't wait to try this~
Another thing I found odd.. no eyeliner?! I know the models wore fake lashes, which you really don't need liner with, but for this look? A nice bronze would be good.

(Also on the show.. a blip of backstage where they're NOT using the VS make-up... oooo!)

What do you think? Will you try this? Thoughts on the gloss/lip tricks??

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

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