Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tried it Tuesday-- Will you choose Essence's "Choose Me!"?

Greetings! =)

For today I have Essence's Colour & Go Nail polish in "Choose Me!" It's available at Ulta for a whopping $0.99~ Is it worth that pretty penny? Let's take a look!

*The color is off!! Read descriptions, please!*

The bottle is smaller than normal, but I still really like the size of the brush and the quality of the polish. Two coats is more than enough for even, opaque color.

See how the bottle is more green? This polish is blue-based (which you see on nail) with green glitter, making it almost a turquoise. For some reason my camera was being a punk.

Blue base~ this was after 2 days wear WITHOUT base coat/topper. Not much chipping!

Here is a better picture from another blog of the TRUE color:

And mine without flash, so you know I'm not a liar. ;)

It is an excellent dupe of OPI's Catch Me In Your Net:
(photo courtesy of beautyjunkiesunite.com)

Such a gorgeous color! Maybe not for those of us who are still in Winter, but it will fit in nicely with all of the Peacock colors we will be seeing in the spring!!

What are you wearing on your nails?

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

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