Monday, January 10, 2011

Mascara Monday: Getting catty with Maybelline Falsies DRAMA!!


The other day I was at Target perusing the cosmetics aisle and remembered that I needed to replace my beloved Falsies Mascara. They have a new version out now that is "The Falsies Black Drama"-- the difference is that it is an "extreme matte" black. (Check out the specifics here.)

Let's take a look!

The spoon-shaped brush.



I really like this mascara, if you remember the original post here. The only thing is you can easily over-apply and then you have those little clumps on the tips of your lashes. They can easily be pinched off, but still a tad annoying. It lasts all day without flaking and I haven't found it to smudge or budge at all. The spoon brush is a little different, so give it a few chances.

As far as the "Drama" goes, I didn't notice a difference in the effect with having the matte black pigment. The tube is pretty, though. =)

I recommend it! Also, you can normally find it on sale for $5!!

Have you tried the Falsies? What do you think?

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven


  1. Looks good, i finshed my first tube and got another yesterday at walmart it's about $5, compared to shopright/local drug store $7

    walmart/target have ALOT of beauty supplies and are pretty good on prices i buy makeup and it lasts a longgg 2 for two people it was like $37 dollars i spent $30 at CVS just on a few things walmart is way better and we got alot of well needed stuff <3

  2. i have really long eyelashes,and with this stuff works perfect, alot of people say are you wearing fake eyelashes? NOPE, volume, length and naturaly sexy!