Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm having a craving for TRAVEL-- Review of Cargo's Safari Kit!!

Hey all!!

Sporadic posts-- been kind of busy lately, but I'll try to be better. =)

I have lots of pictures today for you!! For Valentine's day my mom gave me Cargo's new Safari Kit!! =D
It's available at Ulta and also Cargo's Website.

I showed you this first a while back on What's New Wednesday, but now that I have it in my hands, let's take a closer look!


Back of Packaging

Back of pouch-- So cute!! Love the colors~

Zipper toggle--- LOVE IT! And the giraffes on the stamps =D

Products included

- Blush in Coral Beach, Mini Triple Action Mascara, Eye Shadow Duo, Lip Gloss in Serengeti, and Eye pencil in Khaki

And the pouch actually holds quite a lot!

Swatches-- gold shadow, Green shadow, eye pencil, blush, and gloss. 

The look on-- (I do hair after make-up, don't judge ;)

Eye close-up-- the Green isn't as yellow, I have a pic without flash later~

Side view to show blush.

Close-up of everything~ 

Shot of shadow without flash-- the green isn't as yellow gold, it is more of a golden olive~

I adore ALL of these colors~ They really excite me because my eyes are dark green with gold specs so it's an absolutely perfect combination, though I really think they would be flattering on most everyone.

My only complaint is that I wish the gloss was bigger, haha! I love the color, but I wish it would have been a full size. As for everything else, A+ Cargo!! The blush is shimmery without being overwhelming, it's a perfect blend of coral + bronzer, and it blends beautifully. Love love love!

The shadows are the same~ shimmery without being glittery (though the gold has larger particles than the green), and the liner has good staying power, even when I played with it on my lower inner rim. I'll do a separate post for the mascara, but just look at these pics. It's pretty great! One of the few molded bristle mascaras that I've tried which actually adds volume. Yay!

I think this kit is to die for. The makeup pouch alone is enough for me, haha, but every product in it really is something you will use multiple times. 

Random: I downloaded Google Chrome last night and it is awesome. Also, I really want to take a trip somewhere. Suggestions?

What do you think? Like it? Think you'll snatch one up?? And did my mom do great or what?!

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

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