Friday, February 11, 2011

Fantabulous Friday!

Yeah, I know that's a weird word.. Fantabulous.. but oh-so-fun to say!! =)

I have had some requests from the boys to do a post on Valentine's Day things. SO here goes! (Hope it's not too late, haha!)

**Girls-- feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!!**

Here are a few ideas:

The Classic: Dinner and a Movie
Trust me, no girl is going to be upset with getting dolled-up and going out. Also, flowers/chocolates never hurt, either. Some couples go all-out with tis, but if you should, you probably already know. ;)

The Clever: A Romantic Dinner staying in 
Another (cheaper) way to do this is to stay in and cook. We love it when you boys show us you can be all domestic, haha! A fool-proof dinner is spaghetti and meatballs, Texas toast, and maybe a cute lil dessert. Wine is a good addition, too. But still dress-up and look nice! That's one of the fun parts of this "holiday(?)." A thoughtful (and cutely-cheesy) gift is an old school "mixtape" CD. I really miss making those, actually, silly iPod... but anyhow, it shows that you put some thought into it. And if you want to do flowers, go to your local grocery store-- they are SO much cheaper than having them delivered!!

The Twist:
Do something that you both enjoy! If you like biking, just take a day to spend together and have a fun outing. Like roadtrips? Head somewhere and hit up a show or spa or something. It's about spending time together, no?

Bottom line:
This is your special someone-- ultimately, you know what they'd like to do! Don't feel like you have to follow the norms for it to be great. Just have fun! And remember-- it REALLY is the thought that counts.

Ok so here are some beauty gifts, for the gals to have some pictures to look at. ;)

Stila's Make Me Blush Set, $20 at Sephora:
How CUTE is that blush!!?

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Mood and Glow Booster Blush (review here), $11.95 at Wal-Mart
I can't get over these hearts. And it's a great blush!!

For gals who love their gloss-- Stila's Lip Glaze set, just $12 at Sephora!

And for you nail gals~
Sally Hansen's Peach Pave (from yesterday):

Katy Perry for OPI in Teenage Dream:

Texas Collection for OPI in Guy meets Gal-Vaston:
picture courtesy of

Also, this shade is to die for-- from the Texas collection, "Austin-Tatious Turquoise":
Also from

OK! So leave me some comments-- guys, gals~ thoughts?
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven


  1. Alrighty I need that Austin-Tatious Turquoise immediately. Not that it really represents my hometown well but still out of loyalty. Though I'm not sure if I'd ever wear it.

  2. Aww you're so loyal!! What color would you have picked for Austin?
    I saw it in person at Ulta the other day, it's so freakin' pretty. I read reviews where they say it's iridescent and kind of like a peacock feather? Ooo la la! I'll probably like, 99% pick this up this weekend... hehe O:)

  3. We are going on a double date to dinner and to see Gnomio & Juliet ^_^

  4. Ciara how was Gnomeo??! Looks so cute!