Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tried it Tuesday-- This Physician has me blushing! Concealer that FITs, and a painful experiment..

Hey everyone!

I hope wherever you are, you're staying warm! We've had some snow/ice so it's been a good time to stay inside and work on some projects that have been put off, like my Magazine Binder~

What's that, you ask? It's a way for a magazine junkie, such as myself, to get rid of numerous issues without missing out on the articles I liked. For example, here are all of the magazines I wouldn't throw out--
Yeah, I might have a problem... or a PASSION! Yeah, let's call it that. ;)
So I went through the OTHERS (haha) and ripped out things I liked-- ads, inspirations, articles, fun clothing combos, etc. and put them in sleeves and then into a 3'' Pink binder I found, yay!

(Oh, and I have another one that's solely for "Beauty" stuff.. do dooo...)

Little tabbies for easy reference! (Not labeled, yet!).

Anyhow! Now that I've had some fun showing off my project, let's get to Tried it Tuesday!!

First up: Physicians Formula Happy Booster Mood and Glow Booster line (as discussed on last week's Want It! Wednesday.) Includes~ powder, bronzer, and blush. $11.95 at Wal-Mart
Available colors: Translucent, Beige, Light Bronzer, Bronzer, Natural (blush), and Rose (blush).
I picked up the blush in Natural: 

Brush included underneath-- cute idea, but don't use it. It sucks.


I absolutely ADORE this blush!! Not only is the packaging to die for, but the formula is wonderful as well! It gives a hint of color and sheen, without being "sparkly"--more of a healthy glow-- and it has a decent staying power.

As far as the "Happiness" from using it? I'd say it's there! Haha-- but not from their science-y additions, but rather 1. The pink compact, 2. The adorable hearts!, 3. The ease of application, and 4. The pleasant scent. For those of you who are worried about that, just know that it only lasts during the time of application-- you don't smell it throughout the day or anything.

Next up: Maybelline's new FIT Me! concealer, $6.49 at Ulta.
What it claims: "Blends seamlessly to cover under-eye circles & imperfections. Matches natural tone, never blotches, never cakes."

Let's take a look!
Nice, clean packaging.

Normal sponge-tip applicator.

Concealer on left side, bare on right for comparison.

Concealer on left side, bare on right for comparison.
I actually really like this concealer! Which is a big deal, because I am very picky with Mascaras and Concealers. It indeed does blend seamlessly (do you see a line? nope!), builds without getting cakey, and has a bit of moisture without disappearing after an hour. They also seem to come in a nice variety of shades (I'm wearing 10-Light). My ONLY complaint is that I got a little crease right under my eye a few minutes after application, but that could be because I applied too much, because when I dabbed it, it never returned.

I'm really excited to try other items from the line!!

Last but not least- my experience with an Epilator, aka your own personal torture device.

Remington Smooth and Silky Epilator Kit, $59.99 at Ulta, ($19.99 at TJMaxx).
What it claims: "Remove excess body hair fast and painlessly at the root. Contoured heads match body's natural curves for expert hair removal. Massaging action gently massages skin once the hair is removed. Two speed settings accommodate both fine and coarse hair textures. Also incorporates moisturizing comfort technology that soothes skin with moisturizing relief. Provides up to six weeks of hair-free results."

I actually don't have many pictures for this, but I will give you a very nice description!
(... 6 weeks my a**. Maaaaybe a week, but not 6.)

First of all, you have to let your hair grow a little bit~ about 1/8 of an inch~ enough to where one of the 42(!) little tweezers can grab it and yank it out. So be sure you do this before a hot date, haha.

Speaking of-- don't do it the night before, either, or else your legs might get irritated and look like this:

Enlarged for detail-- see all of the red spots?!

As far as "pain", this really wasn't pleasant. Surprising, I know. Try tweezing your leg hairs and report back to me. I will admit, however, that you do get used to it after a few minutes, haha! Horrifying, huh?! I don't know if that was due to the "massagers" or not, but if really was tolerable after the initial shock. Afterward there wasn't any pain, so to speak, but my legs did itch a bit, and the next morning the red spots were gone.

Epilator vs. Shaving:
-Since the epilator removes at the root, if you normally still have the black dots after shaving, they're gone with the epilator.
- Epilating takes longer (about 20-30 min per leg), but you also only have to do it every 4-6 days.
- Shaving is definitely easier and less painful. 
- For the love of Pete DON'T try the epilator on your armpits-- ahhhhh!!

In a flash!~
Happy Blush: Go buy it! I know I'll be picking up more. =D
FIT Me! Concealer: Definitely worth a shot if you're looking for a new concealer.
Epilator: Only if you HATE shaving with a passion and like pain every now and then.

What do you all think? Tried any of these? Want to? Excited? Not excited? Let me know!

By the way, I've entered some blogging contests recently, so if you have a moment to comment I would LOVE some feedback! =) Thanks!

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven


  1. Just FYI.. I only recently because interested in beauty products, make-up and the like.. and let me just say that it is so helpful that you try all this stuff first!! You save me a lot of money :D

  2. Hahaha hey girl! My pleasure ;)
    Be sure and let me know if you have and questions about anything! I tend to try a lot more products than I review, lol... I have a problem, I know. O:)

  3. oooh, i was looking at the physician's formula blush earlier today. it's gorgeous! a bit pricey, though =/.

  4. i really need a good concealer, gonna have to try this one out! PS--- just noticed your "we live for each other" box... yeah i wrote that. :0

  5. hehehe yeah you did!! =D i love it, thank you!!
    i am in love with this concealer-- it still does the creasey thing under the eyes, but i find that you only have to do one "correcting" touch up a few min affter applying, and it stays away if you put powder on top. if you don't want to buy it just yet you can try mine, i have 2 shades haha O:)