Monday, January 31, 2011

Mascara Monday-- Another double review, just cause I like you! (Yes, you.)

Double review time, ahhhh!!-- thanks to the lovely weekend I had which left me so happy that I couldn't sleep. Hope you lovelies had a great weekend as well-- tell me about it in the comments! =D

Let's jump right in!

Today we have the other 2 Ulta mascaras from my Buy 2 Get 2 free deal.

First up: Ulta's Amped Lashes Mascara, at Ulta for $10 
What it promises: "Create longer, thicker lashes instantly with Amped Lashes Mascara by ULTA."

Picture of the tube:

 Wand (plastic molded-bristle brush):

One coat

One coat

Two coats

Two coats- uh oh, little clump!

Three coats- clump gone. =)

Three coats-- notice the length!

With the addition of the Lash Extension mascara on tips~

This mascara did a good job of adding noticeable length and also had amazing definition, which is a definitely plus to molded-brush mascaras. It didn't give much volume, which is a must for me, but with the addition of the Lash Extension mascara it looked quite nice! (Side note, I think I will forever do the 'lil trick with the Lash Extension mascara-- it just adds a little extra oomph!) I've also used it sort of as a lash comb for other mascaras that sometimes clump on me, haha!

Now! On to...

Ulta's Showstopper Lashes Length + Volume Mascara, at Ulta for $10
What it promises: Nothing, haha. The website doesn't list anything, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say "Length and Volume."

Picture of the tube:

 Brush (kind of clumpy already!:

One coat (right eye)

Two coats (right eye) -- Clumpy!

Used the Amped Lashes mascara to try to get rid of clumpiness.. (right eye)

Close up after de-clumping

Addition of the Lash Extension mascara!

Amped lashes on left, Showstoppr on right -- both + Lash Extension on tips.

Bleh!! I hate this one. I mean... waste of time. The idea of the brush -- curved, thicker spaced sprial bristle-- was promising, but just sucked. The wiper left entirely too much product on the wand, and the brush didn't grab or separate lashes in the least. Do me a favor -- Scroll up. Memorize that tube. NEVER buy it. In fact, if you want it, comment and I will send it to you! Otherwise it's getting trashed.. I'm not even keeping it.

I have to admit, I have been pleasantly surprised with trying these Ulta mascaras! They cost a little bit more than (some) drugstore brands, but $10 really isn't that horrible. I must say, though, that if you were to buy 1-- get the Lash Extension! I am just tickled silly over it.

In a flash~ 
Amped Lashes Mascara: A great plastic molded-brush which adds nice length and definition, but not much volume.
Showstopper: No! Too clumpy!!

What mascaras are you all using? I need something new to try! Any suggestions??

Until next time--

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