Friday, January 28, 2011

FOTD Friday-- Emphasis on the Lower Lash


For those of you who are confused, FOTD stands for "Face of the Day"-- I had to look this up the first time I saw it, haha. Conundrum!

On many of the Spring runways, and also celebrities, there have been a Twiggy-esque emphasis on the lower lashes. I love this look! It really opens up your eye and just looks plain adorable. Definitely weirder trends out there! ;)

It really is Kewpie doll-ish, especially in the first two pictures with the cute collars.
(Side note: I thought about what that really means-- Kewpie dolls just have HUGE eyes and long lashes, so that's that. Here's a picture.... they're um, kind of super creepy!?!)

Let's take a look!
Make-up complete, without lower lashes coated:

Lower lashes, 1 coat:

Lower lashes, 2 coats:

See? Really emphasizes the eye!

What I like about it is that for people with smaller eyes, like me, lining the lower lashline can really close the eye, but with mascara on the lower lashes it really provides definition on the bottom without making the eye appear smaller. Score!

Now, here's another thing to consider-- should you use a different mascara for your bottom lashes? Three thoughts on this--

1. Some people prefer to use a mascara with a smaller diameter brush, a la Maybelline's Lash Discovery, and there are even some made just for bottom lashes, but really this is up to you. If you can use your normal mascara on your bottom lashes without too much clean-up, save your money for something else!

2. Furthermore, if your normal mascara does not smudge when you wear it on bottom lashes, then have at it! Also, technique-wise-- I know Carmindy says to hold the wand vertical, but I have personally never had luck with this. Hold it like normal, but just be uber careful not to smudge--- but don't worry... Even if you do, just grab a Q-tip!

3. However, if your normal mascara does smudge, either try a waterproof version or pick up a "tube" mascara. I have this problem, (waterproof doesn't work), and 2 mascaras that I have found to not budge at ALL are MAC's Opulash and Clinique's High Impact Curling Mascara. Note: Clinique's is easier to use because it has a curved wand and also a smaller brush than Opulash.

Do you normally wear mascara on your bottom lashes? I didn't when I first started wearing mascara, but then I had a Mary Kay lady tell me that she "didn't feel a look was complete without mascara on bottom," so I have just done it ever since, haha! Do you use the same mascara for both top and bottom? Or leave bottom lashes bare? There's definitely something to be said about a full upper-fringe and bare bottoms to really play up the eyes as well!

Happy weekend, all!

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

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