Monday, January 24, 2011

Mascara Monday-- A Mascara wand with... no bristles?? Double review of Ulta brand Lash Icon and Lash Extension Lengthening Mascaras


I have a treat today-- much like my Buy 2 Get 2 Free deal at Ulta, which resulted in these mascaras-- you are getting 2 reviews today. Yay!

First up: Ulta's Lash Icon Mascara, at Ulta for $10
What it promises: "Give your lashes that extra flutter with this mascara from ULTA."

I actually saw this in a little ad by the Neutrogena foundation. I saw the wand, (which reminded me of Hourglass' Film Noir wand from the Lash Stash), was intrigued, and figured it was by Neutrogena, so I went to the mascara section to find it. Lo and behold, it was Ulta brand! And they had that special deal, so I decided to let them fight the good fight.

Picture of the tube:

Wand (tell me you're not interested..):

Bare Lashes:

After a few quick brush through's:

Not much volume... =\

After a couple more coats:

More volume, but still not anything to write home about.

I decided to grab the BRISTLE-LESS mascara, ooooo!, to try and add some more length.

Ulta's Lash Extension Lengthening Mascara, at Ulta for $10
What it promises: "Create sexy lashes using Lash Extension Lengthening Mascara by ULTA."

Picture of the tube:


Say What? Close up:

Yes, it just has little ridges to help coat the lashes. Fascinating!

Lengthening added to the Lash Icon:

Much better!

Side by side with bare lashes:

I'm diggin' this combo! Nice!

So how did the Lengthening do on it's on? Let's look!

Well, it definitely puts the product on! I then took a lash comb to it~

Combo on left, just Lengthening on right:

I honestly planned on doing the reverse on the right eye-- lengthening and then volume-- but I really didn't feel it needed it!

This picture is a little fuzzy, but I thought it showed the right eye a little better:

Overall, I wasn't blown away by Lash Icon, but the Lash Extension is definitely worth it if only to try the cool brush! I've been playing with it for over a week now, and it's ok on its own, but I actually like using it as a little extra "oomph" for other mascaras. It works really well to just swipe it on the ends to add a smidge more length and also to bulk up the ends (in a good, non-spidery way!) to make your lashes more noticeable.

In a flash~
Lash Icon: No go!
Lash Extension Lengthening: Go get it!

What do you think? Ever used any Ulta brand products? What mascara are you loving now? Any you're lusting for?

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven


  1. thanks for the review. :)

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  2. Lash extensions is great IF you use a different applicator! I used a brush-style applicator I had saved and cleaned from some old mascara. Went on great that way. Good extension and separation and my eyelashes seemed thicker with very little clumping. If they'd just put in a regular brush applicator it would be great. But the applicator that comes with it just smears the mascara on and you get lots of globs.