Sunday, January 23, 2011

Katy Perry for OPI!!

Hello all!!

Well, if you follow my twitter or are friends with me on Facebook then you know that I have been super stoked for the new Katy Perry OPI collection! Here is a promo pic:

The collection feature 4 new colors:
Last Friday Night: a blue sparkle
Teenage Dream: a pink sparkle
The One That Got Away: a berry shimmer
Not Like the Movies: a gray/purple duo-chrome
And also:
Black Shatter: a new polish introduced in the Serena Williams collection which creates a "Shattered" effect on the nails (see pic ab0ve.) So cool!!

I went to Ulta today to pick up the Shatter, definitely, but also to scope out the other colors. I picked up Teenage Dream because who doesn't love a pink glitter?! And they also had a mini set of the 4 colors for $12, so I couldn't resist picking that up, too.


Teenage Dream


Minis, in box:

Minis, freed:

(TheOneThatGotAway, TeenageDream, LastFriNight, NotLikeTheMovies)

Coats- shown in same order:

1 coat:

2 coats:

3 coats:

Another shot of 3 coats:

As you can see, they all did pretty well at 3 coats, (The One That Got Away, far left, was fine after 2), EXCEPT for Last Friday Night (blue)!!!!! Sad day! By 3 coats it was definitely blue, but more of a pastel blue instead of the deeper electric blue. =( It had such potential to be a beautiful color! I'll add some more coats and see what that does...

Also, Not Like the Movies is such an interesting shade-- it comes off as purple at times, light green at others, and in the whole is more silvery. The pictures show it pretty true to life.

The Shatter comes with a little directions sheet:
"Apply one coat of Black Shatter over any completely dry Katy shade for an irresistable "shattered" look.

Great instructions, haha. So basically, don't do more than one coat. Check.

(Note, flip the order of base colors~)

The Shatter definitely shows up better over a lighter, sparkly color.

The first 2 had a thicker coat, the next had thinner. Notice how the cracks are larger with the thicker coat, and there are many more cracks with the thinner coat?

Also, it does NOTHING on bare nails:

BUT it works over a clear coat:

Interesting! I'll have to check into exactly how this Shatter works... =)

The Black Shatter is a little weird to deal with~ figuring out just how much to put on, doing it quickly, etc. The beauty of it is it's supposed to be imperfect, so no worries!

In a flash~
-Go get the Black Shatter. Trust me, you'll want this.
-The other colors rock, except for the BLUE one.

What do you think? Are you lusting after any of these shades? Pick them up quick, the Ulta salesperson said many people have been asking about them, especially the Black Shatter!!

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven


After adding about 6 coats of Last Friday Night, I finally got an obvious blue, though not the same as the bottle..


  1. must. have. Shatter. It looks SO COOL!!!! and Teenage Dream would be awesome too!!!! they look SO neat together! do you think it would look as cool over any other color/brand? I may just want to start with buying the Shatter since I have similar colors to the other KP colors.

  2. Girl I completely agree-- if you were to buy 1 from this, it should be Black Shatter! I put it on my toes just for funsies, (since that's 10 more nails to play with, haha!) I'll bring it with me today!
    I really think it would look awesome over any light or sparkly shade. It also looks awesome over any neon-ish color~ a little '80s, but it really shows the shatter effect off! That green or blue you have would look crazy amazing~

    Thanks for the comment! =D

  3. I am obsessed with Shatter - I am going to have to go get it!!! How cool is that. And it will give me an excuse to have chipped finger nails. :) I wanted to blue glitter to be so much better than it turned out. I am glad you did a review - it would have been the color I was most wanting to try and so disappointed. Loving Teenage Dream. Oh, and I love Katy Perry.

  4. Haha Terrica--- I thought the SAME THING about making it ok to have chipped nails, hehe. And I was excited about the blue!! Sad day. I tried a nice $1 blue polish from Ulta, a few posts back, that is gorgeous! Do you wear much on your nails, or mostly toes? I'm wearing Teenage Dream on my nails, I'll text you a pic!

    I love Katy Perry, too. We should all be friends.