Monday, March 28, 2011

Mascara Monday- L'Oreal's Voluminous

Hello all!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend~ my week is starting off with a bit of a cold, bleh, so please accept my apologies for posts being up later than normal. I will try as best as I can to be coherent, haha!

Up for today's Mascara Monday!: L'Oreal Voluminous, original with curved brush, $7.49 at Walgreens, but I often see it for $5 at Target and Wal-Mart.

What it claims: 

  • Uniquely formulated to resist clumping, soften lashes and build lashes to 5x their natural thickness. 
  • Maximizing formula quickly thickens and builds lashes in a single application for a full and dramatic lash look.
  • Patented volume maximizing brush thickens lashes evenly and smoothly leaving them soft with virtually no flakes, smudges or clumps.

Let's take a look!
Shown with the "Voluminous Naturale"-- review for that to come.  ;)

Naturale on top, Original on bottm. The brush is fluffy without being TOO big.

Close-up of brush~

Bare lashes.

Bare lashes, angle.

With Voluminous.

With Voluminous.

At an angle--- look how pretty!!!!

So, basically -- I LOVE THIS MASCARA. When someone asks me what my favorite mascara is, hands down I always say Voluminous. (Honestly, I don't know why I keep playing with different mascaras... oh wait, because it's fun!) 

Seriously, though-- for the price, it is of amazing quality, and it really stays put with no smudging, flaking, and applies in multiple coats without clumping. It also adds a fair amount of length, too. I am VERY demanding of my mascara-- I want it to be able to do flips and feed my cat-- and this one definitely performs 100%.

Be sure to apply coats before drying, as with most mascaras, to lessen the likelihood of clumps. The brush isn't too technical, but if you hate it upon first application, just give it a few more shots. Also-- and this is interesting-- it seems to volumize better a few days after opening. I suppose the introduction of oxygen thickens it a bit. 

In a flash~
Great mascara. If you own one mascara, this should be it. 

Have you tried this one before? It's definitely been around a while! Let me know your thoughts on it!! =)

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

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  1. You introduced me to this lifesaver two years ago. I still swear by it. Its amazing - and I have shared your secret! Love it, and will keep using it until you write as glowing of a review for another mascara. I agree 100%!