Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let's Talk Eyebrows

Ok. So I never really had bushy caterpillar eyebrows, or insanely thin ones, so I never put much thought into eyebrows. I do get them waxed occasionally because, quite frankly, eyeshadow looks prettier with no little fuzzies. =)

On a side note: I haven't gone to get mine waxed in some time, actually. Just using the ol' tweezers. But I never seem to notice that they need attention until I use my flip-down visor mirror in my car. Oops. Maybe I should designate a morning to making it a point to notice my eyebrows, haha!

But, back on track--

This past year has definitely shown that a strong brow is definitely THE accessory to have on your face, and is apparently the key to a balanced and framed face. Ok, then! Let's try this....

I'm assuming Megan Fox is the goal...

Without being Scarlett Johansson:

Let's break down the products:

Pencils: Tend to have more staying power, but look the most fake.

Powders: Easiest to use, very natural look.. as long as you don't use a heavy hand.

Gels:Best of both worlds: staying powder and natural.. once you figure out how to use them. Gels are hands down the most difficult to use.

With that being said! None of these are impossible, so don't stray away from one.. just head to a make-up counter or Sephora and play with each until you find one that you can work with. An the key is *use short, light-handed strokes!*

Here's my try at it, with Maybelline's Ultra-Brow brush on color:

Without anything on the brows:

With the brow powder:

Powder with glasses:

Conclusion? In the picture it looks a little extreme.. and I could probably use a lighter color powder. However, I think filling in my brows is going to be a daily occurrence for me now! It really is a nice frame to your eye, and it helps me look polished even when I have my glasses on.

Go Brow!

Leave me your thoughts on eyebrows, and what product you use, or if you will try the strong brow look--

Until next time~

Beauty Maven

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  1. I always need an eye brow filler, but can't seem to find one that doesn't make me look like a drag queen. I have a weird wolverine type eyebrow on my left eye, so I tend to overpluck. :)