Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mall Make-over experience...

Gather 'round for story time.

This past Saturday I went to the Lancome counter to find a bold lipgloss -- I know, I'm all about the drugstore brands, but I had some overtime and felt like splurging! The woman who helped me was so fabulous with artfully applied make-up and the cutest little edgy bob ever. I immediately wanted her to make me over, since I haven't done that in a loooong time. I asked for her business card to come back some weekday morning (so she wouldn't be too busy or distracted) and she said she told me which days she opened. Yippee!

Well I go on one of these days and to my dismay she's not there =( Well here I was all dressed for work with NO make-up on =\ so I asked another lady to help me out. Couldn't be too bad, right?


I mean, maybe that's a little dramatic. She wasn't absolutely horrible, and she is fair-skinned like me so she could sympathize with my problems (blue under-eye circles..) but man I don't think she veen worked in make-up. She did a gray smoky eye which was NOT blended in the least bit, horribly placed blush, and the worst part!!!! WAY t
oo much foundation! I just don't understand.. I don't have a ton to cover up, but even if I DID it was entirely way way too much. Example: I have a little beauty mark on my cheek that almost could not be SEEN due to the amount of foundation. Eh =\

Well then she ran late and I still had to do mascara and pay for the eyeshadow I wanted to purchase-- I always feel bad not getting *something*. But this girl took over an hour! Luckily I was going home that night and had my make-up in the car. So in the parking lot of work I had to apply some lotion to my face to wipe off some of the foundation and blush, and got out my eyeshadow brush to blend my eyes. Ugh. Next time I think I'll just go to the counter and do it myself. Now how nice would that be?!

Doesn't look horrible in this pic.. but I was not a happy camper =\


Until next time!~
Beauty Maven


  1. Eh...that blush is not good. :/

  2. oh girl that sucks lol!! but it doesnt look to bad :)