Friday, January 8, 2010

Mascara Review!

Today's target: Lancome's Hypnose Drama available only at Sephora, $24.50'

Lately I've been on a Lancome kick, and when I saw this exclusive mascara that is said to deliver "full body, high-volume lashes in a single stroke." Hello!

Here is the wand: it's in a U-shape that is designed to "hug every lash."

Here we go!

My lashes with no mascara--

And now with Lancome's Hypnose Drama:

Pretty nice, huh? Now let me tell you what I think about it---

It really does deliver great volume, the only catch is that it clumps VERY easily. And for some reason with this brush, it added nice length to the middle of the lashes but not on the outer corner, even though I put extra emphasis there. Odd. Also, the brush was horribly stiff. I know that bristles aren't supposed to be flimsy or anything, but these seem very thick and rigid. Eh.

Here's the big kicker on it though-- It smells! I know, very weird. But throughout the day I could *smell* my mascara! Just open up the tube and you'll see why. It doesn't smell bad or fragrant, it just has a very chemically-mascaray smell.

In conclusion: Should you run to get this mascara? No. It's not horrible, and it is fun to try, but at about $25 a pop you can find something similar for $6 at Walgreen's.

I'd give it a 2/5.

Have you tried this? What do you think? Tried any other mascaras recently that you love/hate? Let me know!

Until next time--
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  1. My dad bought the Mary Kay Mascara for me for Christmas! Similar Situation - More Pricey, but not anything spectacular. My favorite mascara is still L'OREAL Voluminous.