Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Operation: Gossip Girl!

Now, I will admit-- I am a big Gossip Girl fan!

And like many others, I'm sure, most of the enjoyment of the show is manifested in the many fashion and beauty looks. I am personally in love with Serena's look, but all of the leading ladies have absolutely gorgeous looks going on!! I'm a fan of "projects," so my new one is to play with the 4 looks of Serena, Blaire, Vanessa, and Little-J.

Look "Serena" will consist of the messy waves and luminous eyes.
Look "Blaire" will be berry lips and headbands (duh).
Look "Little-J" will be raccoon eyes and most likely a messy ponytail.
Look "Vanessa" will be controlled curls and colorful eyeliner.

Let the fun begin!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey love,
    So I've been told I look like Blair. I don't see it but if you need a face to play with I would love to model for you lol