Monday, February 8, 2010

Experience: Manicure, pt. 2

Apologies in advance for not having many pictures for this one.. sure wish I did!

Last week I had an entry about getting acrylic nails put on. This weekend I went home and decided I would get them taken off then (due to regrowth, and I just wanted to take them off instead of filling them in.) While at JCPenney with my mom I stopped by the Salon to see if they had an opening, thinking that the process would only take about half an hour. They did not have an opening, sad day, but the woman told me what to do to take them off:

"You have to soak them in acetone and scrape at them. Don't use a plastic dish because the acetone will eat right through it -- use glass. But just soak and scrape, soak and scrape. It takes a while, about an hour and a half."


So my mom and I bought some acetone and that was our project that night. I soaked while she took the edge of a metal nail file to scrape. And it DID indeed take an HOUR and a HALF.


But each time she scraped some of the acrylics came off! I had the French tips, which means there was a thin plastic strip glued to the ends, and we got most of the white off. But MAN it was a process! I still had some left over, and I tried to buff it away, but at this point I just decided to paint them and hopefully cover-up any ridges.

If I were you, I would enlist some help in removing nails. This method is MUCH better than ripping them off- ouch!- but I would enlist a friend's help instead of going to a salon-- you could at least have a buddy and be able to watch a movie or something.

I liked having the nails, but unless I somehow come across a large sum of money in order to get them filled every week and a half, I won't be getting them again soon.

I want to hear some stories! =)

Until next time~
Beauty Maven


  1. Today I went to get my nails done to pamper myself. The woman hurt me so badly tears were coming to my eyes. She bent my fingers like they should never be bent. She also took the sanding tool WAY too low and took off some skin. NOT OKAY. Not a pleasant, relaxing experience that I was hoping it to be.