Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hi. My apt flooded. Posts when that's sorted out--
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  1. Hi! I am sorry to hear about your apartment flooding, but I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying reading your blog! Also, I was wondering if you know of any true black (no sparkles!) liquid liners that are waterproof that have felt-tip applicators. Not in pen form, but the kind that dip into a little pot of liquid liner. Haha, I know I'm being really picky, but Maybelline used to make one and they discontinued the felt-tip applicator and it really pissed me off cause I can't use the flexible brush tips, my hand isn't that steady! And all the liquid eyeliner pens that I've used either dispense too much or dry out quickly, so that's why I like the kind you dip into a pot. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

    Oh, and I know you're not a fan of bold eyeshadows, but I just got the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows and it is absolutely fantastic! I'm a huge fan of their palettes! You should check them out sometime, its more nighttime makeup than everyday, but still awesome :)

  2. Hey there! Thanks for the comment, Emily!! I haven't tried the black in Maybelline's new gel liner but when I looked at it it didn't seem to have sparkles in it. I am loving the gel eyeliner btw, so I'd definitely try it!! (Though, I'd invest in a slanted eyeliner brush, like Ecotools from Walgreen's (on sale now in a set for $8.99))

    I saw the Alice in Wonderland box and it looks gorgeous!! I love the bright colors I just haven't quite figured out how to wear them yet-- I've always been a chocolate-eyeshadow girl, haha!

    Let me know if you end up trying the eyeliner-- I'll go do a little more research on it =)

  3. Nice, I will definitely try the gel eyeliner sometime this week! Thanks for your advice :) I hope I can apply it, it might take me a few tries ... I will keep you posted!