Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blackheads, cont.


Happy Tuesday!~

So, I experimented a smidge with some anti-blackhead tools this weekend~ Sorry, no pictures.. not quite sure how to document that, haha!

First off, my buddy who came to visit left her Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub in my shower, so I decided to try it. I waited until the end of my shower so that the "debris" would be all softened up, (gah, that sounds gross), and scrubbed AWAY at my nose. I certainly felt cleaner, but once I inspected my face in the mirror, I noticed my nose still had those pesky dark spots on it. *Sigh*

I bought one of those extractors a while back, (at the suggestion of the same friend!), to the likes of this one, and pulled it out this weekend, too. It didn't do a dang thing to my nose!! I had another buddy who would simply 'push' the build-up out, almost like popping a zit. Tried that... only worked on about 3 and left my nose red. I'm so frustrated, because I've tried most things, like Biore's pore strips (which worked on my boyfriend, not fair!!), and noooothing will woooork!!

However! I must say, that I had a little blackhead on my cheek from working out but not washing my face before... bad me... and the little tool worked! What the?! Whatever...

So the search continues!

Fun Tidbit: I took a "What's your make-up brand?" quiz today on BeautyRiot.com-- it says I should be wearing Chanel. Ha! Ok-- 1. Beauty Riot, would you like to buy it for me? and 2. When my make-up is Chanel, I'll know I've arrived. =) Good job, quiz, for knowing my inner desires.

Hope you're having a great start to the week!

Until next time~
Beauty Maven

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  1. I got Benefit ... which is totally true cause I already use a bunch of their products :) I love crazy color over simplicity which is probably why I didn't get Chanel hehe