Thursday, May 27, 2010

To the Beach!!!!


Well, this morning I drug myself out of bed (after going to see Sex and the City 2 last night!!!!) to head to the MAC counter to play with the To the Beach collection. Yaaay!!!!

First of all, let me say this: If you are interested in purchasing anything from this collection, GO NOW. This varies by location, obviously, but the lady at my local counter told me that they only received a few of each product... for example, the seahorse compact-- they only got in 6! SIX! And when I got there, at 10:30 am, they had already sold one. So now, they only have 4 left. Geez! But a few items were like that, so just be aware. The website has been selling out, too.

Anyhow! Here are some pictures of what I hauled! =)

In their boxes:

Powder Bronzer: Get-Away Bronze (mid-tone suntan)
High-Light Powder: Marine Life (MY FAVE)
Eyeliner: Rosemary and Thyme (Mid-tone olive gold with shimmer)
Lipstick: Thrills (Rosy copper with gold pearl)

Out of the boxes: Check out the adorable packaging!!!!!

Opened up:

Here is how large the Marine Life compact is:

I had originally thought I would pass on the Marine Life high-light, but when I played with it at the counter is was just too beautiful! The only thing is, the pretty gold on top? It wipes away when you use it =( But there is gold shimmer throughout.. you just lose the cute seahorse. Aww.

Reviews to come!! =)

Until next time~
Beauty Maven

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