Friday, July 23, 2010

At-Home Beauty! (Again)


So today before applying some self-tanner, I decided I needed to really scrub off all of my old stuff. Now, I've never been one for having exfoliating products on hand (I just use an old hand towel), but I needed something with some real grit.

I recently purchased some Bodacious Bath Oil from Bath Junkie (which is a product I 1--% recommend, and it is SUCH a cool store!!!!) and decided to mix some of that with some granulated sugar. Yes, I grabbed a 1/2 cup, scooped out some sugar from the container, and perched it up in my shower, haha! I grabbed a little fistful, put a few drops of oil, and scrubbed away.

Oh my goodness- it worked FANTASTICALLY!! My skin has never been smoother! Ah!

That little 1/2 cup might have a permanent home in my shower, lol!
(Only, of course, if I haven't applied self-tanner recently ;) )

Sorry there aren't any pics for this post! But just trust me-- you HAVE to try the sugar trick. Especially now when everyone's skin is so dried out from the summer heat. Mmm.. Magnificent =)

Have you tried this before? Have a favorite scrub you'd like to recommend? Do share!

Until Next Time~
Beauty Maven

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