Thursday, November 25, 2010

Green eyes to go with Green nails!

Dug this one up in my drawer when I had my big clean-out, decided it was time for it to get some attention!

Maybelline Expert Wear in Emerald Smokes, $5.99 at Walgreens

I had hoped this would really bring out my green eyes. Did it?? Let's see!

Well.. I mean, the shadow is green.. but I think a purple would bring out the color more than just matching colors. Also, the green lends toward the yellow side, which just reminds me of an old bruise, haha!

The only qualm I have with these Maybelline quads is that the color pay-off just isn't as much as I expect.. every time!! Siiigh. And if there's any glitter than it's even more disappointing. But for a drugstore shadow they do hold their own! =)

Also, is it just me, or does 4 eyeshadows seem like a bit much to do a smoky eye? I normally do two (blend at the crease) or 3, max. Just seems odd to me. =\

The Stylish Smokes line comes in 4 quads: Amethyst, Neutral, Charcoal, and Emerald.

Think you might try these? How are you at doing the ol' Smoky Eye?? I'll show you my attempt at a major smoky eye tomorrow..

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven


  1. I actually like that color much more for brown eyes like mine :) I agree with you that something like purple might work better! I like greens and purples because I still get a little scared of blues for the daytime ...

  2. It would be nice on brown eyes! I just have never been a fan of matching your eye-shadow to your eye color because it just seems to take away from the eyes. =\ I'm most jealous of brown eyes because y'all can wear ANYthing!!!! Nyah! =P
    And blues for daytime.. that's a touchy line.. I liked the turquoise trend this summer, where it was only as a liner. Don't know if it works so much for fall-- what do you think?

  3. I love the gold color that you used as the inner eye highlight. (I made up that name...I am not makeup savvy like you!)

    I can't believe you are jealous of brown eyes with the gorgeous set you have! :)

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  5. I made a typo so I HAD to fix it ... lol I'm a perfectionist.

    Yeah, the any blue/turquoisey shadow for me would only be night makeup I think! I think liner is doable, a turquoisey for summer and a darkish cobalt blue for fall for me is still great! Any time I wear true blue shadow I swear I just feel like I look like a hooker haha! And yeah you have gorgeous eyes like Terrica says! but I wouldn't trade my brown ones for the reason that they do tend to go with anything pretty well as you mentioned :)

  6. HAHA Emily!! I'm a perfectionist, too. ;)
    I forgot about Dark Cobalt!! That would look so gorg on brown eyes!! TAKE NOTE, TERRICA! Hehe.

    Thanks for the compliments, gals -- I blush O:) It's funny, people normally think of brown eyes as boring, but I think they're so great!! Like I said, you can truly do ANYthing, haha!!