Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here's proof!

Since you have all of those fun links to explore, I wanted to take a moment to really showcase what make-up can do for YOU!

I know I might seem like a Beauty Diva, but here is PROOF that make-up really brings out your best features, even if you're a celebrity!

Sorry Jessica, but I'm glad we have this comparison:

True, the lighting is a smidge different, (you can tell by how the light reflects in her eyes), but let's analyze the pic on the left:
- Her cheeks are more contoured, which make them look fuller and healthier.
- She has a more defined eye which makes them look bigger and more awake.
- Her brows are filled-in thus helping to balance the face and bring out her eyes.

Her hair is a big difference, too, but even with the variances in make-up, she looks flat-out younger and healthier in the picture on the left.

See it?

I know I'm not crazy. ;)

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven


  1. Cheek highlighting and contouring always makes such a huge difference! I struggle so much with contouring sometimes, but it really is worth the hassle.

  2. It's really a skill I need to hone-in on more.. I act like I know how to do it, but it's more like putting bronzer on my cheeks, haha!!

    I've been looking for a good contouring brush~ what do you use?

  3. I have some double ended Sonia Kashuk blush/contour brush that I got in a set at Target, but of course the bristles are falling out and it isn't too soft :/ I'm in love with Studio Gear brushes but I have yet to get any! They are SO luxurious, but SO expensive!