Friday, November 26, 2010

The POSH eye!

Happy Friday!

Hoped you're not too overly stuffed!... Wait, I hope you really ARE, because yesterday is one of the few days you don't have to feel bad for eating entirely too much!! ;)

Ok, so as I promised... the Ultra Smoky Eye... o0o0o0o.

Backstory: when I purchased Victoria Beckham's book "That Extra Half An Inch," I instantly developed a girl crush on her, and her uber-fab
smoky eye.

I mean... omg, wow. To me, this is the Holy Grail of smoky eyes.

So here is my attempt!!

Without flash to show the "wing."

The trick to getting this look is 1. Using a matte shadow (this one wasn't a true matte) and 2. Making sure you really make sure the shadow is DARK at the lashline~ I actually put a thick line of liquid liner with shadow on top. Also, you have to "wing" the shadow out, which can kind of make you uncomfortable if you're not used to it, haha! Just think of making a line from the natural line of your bottom lashline to the end of your eyebrow. Remember to *blend*!! You can actually use a clean shadow brush to blend it in really well~

I used a true black shadow and it still didn't seem dark enough! It's a drugstore brand, so I suppose it simply didn't have enough pigmentation without being wet first. Unfortunately, I was just playing around with my make-up, which I typically do before I shower in case it's a big flop ;), so I didn't get to wear this anywhere. I think this will be my New Year's look though, with more shimmer in the inner corner. What do you think?

I want to hear about your smoky eyes!! And your Thanksgiving! What's your favorite part??

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

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  1. I love smoky eyes so much :) you did a great job! I especially like when you can see the wing without the flash on. Very Posh! I'm liking the silvery inner corner ... I have the Stila Smudge Stick in Silver Dollar and I've been looking for a look to use it in! I think it'll be nice for a holiday smoky eye :D