Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The best night on TV all year!!!!!


A special post to honor my favorite evening of TV of the year~ =D

Some pics from last night~

((Ok, not from last night, but it's my fave and I LOVE Heidi!!!!))

The peacock was definitely my favorite look!! Which one(s) did you like???

Also, here's the fab background I made on Picasa-- Click on it to englarge. ((You're welcome.)) ;)

VS Fashion Show 2010 by the numbers:
- 968 crew to set the stage
- 125 pounds of glitter
- 90 feet of runway
- 6'' average height of the heels
- 21 pairs of wings
- 180 man hours per wing
- 240,000 Swarovski Crystals
- over $20 million in fine jewelry
- 18 make-up artists
- 19 hairstylists
- 150 feet of hair extensions
- 60 tubes of lipgloss
- 2,100 balloons
- 9 Olympic gymnasts (yummy boys!)
- 40 hi-definition cameras
- 185 countries watching
- $1 million in Waterford Crystals
- 34 models
- 1,000 fansites


Here is a tutorial on how to do your make-up like the Angels from this year's show via MakeUpGeek~ she's spectacular!

You might see my attempt at it at the end of this week ;)

Until next time!--
~Beauty Maven

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