Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chanel Paradoxal Dupe!

Hi there!

Yesterday I went to Ulta and FINALLY found Revlon's new shade, Perplex! --$4.49
(You can see how long I've been looking if you follow my Twitter~ BeautyMaven8)

The hype about Perplex is that it is an AMAZING dupe of Chanel's much-coveted Paradoxal. However, Revlon is a better deal because you get 0.5 fl. oz for $4.49 while Chanel is 0.4 fl. oz. for $23. It IS gorgeous, but... Yikes!

Here is a picture of Chanel's Paradoxal~ I'm not fancy enough to own it. ;)

Here are pictures of Revlon's try!

1 coat:

2 coats, 2 different lights:

I actually believe it is an almost spot-on dupe!! Good job, Revlon! Maybe this will happen more in the future... hmmm... =)

The Polish-Aholic has some great pictures as well, since she owns both colors~ here is her post! Please check it out, her pics are great! She has the nails alternating with Perplex/Paradoxal.... and I thought the ones with Perplex were prettier, haha!!

What do you think? I give it an A+ for a great grayish-purple for Fall/Winter!!

Also, random-- but I found a clutch that matches my fancy shoes and Sparkle-Licious polish!!!!

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

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  1. Love that color! And everything you have for New Year's totally matches perfectly! I missed the VS fashion show as I don't have a TV, but I suppose a lot of it must be online somewhere on their website! I wore the MakeupGeek look on my eyes today :) I would take pictures of it but I forgot to put on primer so I know by the time I get to a camera it will have creased up! Ugh! It is a nice neutral look though, I like it!