Friday, December 3, 2010

VS Fashion Show 2010 Make-up


So I linked you to MakeUpGeek's tutorial, but here it is again for you. =)

Here is a basic list of her instructions:

1. Smudge a dark brown creamy liner on upper and lower lashline~ you'll go over this later, so it doesn't need to be perfect.
2. Blend a medium brown (I used Urban Decay's "Smog") into the lashline and outer corner to crease, the "outer-V."
3. Blend a champagne color (I used Stila's "Kitten") on the lid, inner corner, and brownbone, overlapping a little bit of the brown.
4. Take a matte medium brown and smudge over the liner on the bottom lashes (I used a matte bronzer haha!).
5. Use a warmer/darker brown on the upper lash, and wing it out a bit (I just used Smog again since the other was blended so much).
6. Mascara~ fake lashes, if you so choose!
7. Foundation and concealer to perfect skin.
8. Use bronzer to contour under cheekbones and use a peachy shimmery blush on the apples of the cheeks (I used my MAC To the Beach! blush).
9. Apply a peachy nude lip (I used a discontinued VS lipgloss).

Pics of my attempt!
(Why, yes, I AM wearing my VS Backstage robe! ;)

Starting point:

Up close:

It's a really gorgeous everyday/neutral look~

What do you think? Angel worthy?? Haha!! =P Think you'll try it? Send me pics if you do!!!!!

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven


  1. Guess what? I totally also substituted UD's Smog for the outer v!! And if I have Stila's Kitten I would have totally done that too, I've been wanting it forever! I'll try doing it again this week and try to take pictures! :) Looks great on you! Such a nice everyday look.

  2. If I HAD Stila's Kitten, that is meant to say. I plan on getting it at some point soon!

  3. omg GORGEOUS! I am going to try this the next time I go out! you look fantastic btw, you just need the wings! ;)

  4. Emily! Sephora has Stila's Pro Artist Palette on sale, $19, and it has Kitten (plus some other gorgeous shades-- pretty sure I'm picking up another, haha!) for only $1 more than the single. Oooooo I'm a bad influence.. ;)

    Gracie! I want to try this one on you~ I meant to when we were watching the show but the yummy snacks were distracting, lol. These colors would be amazing on you~
    And thanks!!!! Now I just need 180 man hours to make a pair of wings... and 250,000 crystals, hahaha!