Thursday, February 24, 2011

Technique Thursday-- Quick change! Day-to-Night makeup


I had a very good friend request a Day-to-Night post, so here goes!!

The easiest way to go from a a day look to a night look is to take your normal day makeup and glam-up the eyes, since eye makeup pretty much stays put all day, whereas other products (concealer, foundation) need to be retouched. You can use a wipe for your face, if need be, keeping the eye makeup from the day intact to utilize in your evening look.

Starting face-- makeup from the CARGO Safari Kit, featured here:

If you can do only 1 thing then add eyeliner. A quick swipe of black on the inner rims does wonders for sprucing up your look. Also, add powder on your nose, forehead, and chin to reduce any shine from the day-- don't put powder on cheeks since you want a natural, healthy glow!

If you have a minute longer, add to the previous with a bold lip color. I'm using Maybelline Color Sensational in Pinkalicious, (review here), and black liner to the top lid~ sort of a Marilyn look. If you want to refresh your cheeks, do not  reapply blush, simply add a shimmery highlight to emphasize your cheekbones.

A few more minutes to spare? Instead of doing the lip, opt for a quick smoky eye. You already have the liner, so add a dark eyeshadow to the crease and blend, blend, blend!! Then use a vanilla, shimmery shade to highlight the "inner-v" and also the browbone. A nice sweep of bronzer on the cheeks adds healthy color to compliment your smoky eyes!

Any thoughts on this? What do you do to go from day to night? Tips are always appreciated! =D

Until next time--
~Beauty Maven

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