Friday, January 29, 2010

Heidi Klum's Exotic Jewels for Victoria's Secret

Hello there!

Well I finally found a place to get some internet, and I just couldn't keep myself from making a new post. =)

A few days ago I finally tried out my Heidi Klum for VS eyeshadow and glitter eyeliner, and I wanted to share a few things with you~

Inspired by her recent trip to India, this collection features: "Rich and glamorous lips. Seductive, smoky eyes. Featuring the limited edition Exotic Jewels collection by Heidi Klum. A Victoria's Secret Exclusive."

First of all though, some pictures!

Here is a picture of Heidi from the advertising for this line:

Here is the eyeshadow compact-- so pretty!!

And the eyeshadows:

The eyeliner:

And the colors on:

Quite lovely!!

I am a HUGE Heidi Klum fan, so when I saw that she had come out with another color palette for the Holidays I couldn't help myself but pick up this eyeshadow!! Once I got home and started to play with it, however, I was a little bit turned off by the bright colors. I tried it once for a night out but honestly haven't touched it much since. The other day when I was "editing" my caboodle, I came across this and decided to give it another chance. Here's what came of that:

See how my green stands out more? Yay! But I was surprisingly subconcious about wearing such a bold color on my eyes! I wore it the rest of the day, but I mostly just went shopping, and no one made a comment about it (which is good?) haha. I'll be excited to try this when I see people I know to see what they think!

Here is a closer picture-- you can't see the gorgeous color as much in the other picture:


What colors of eyeshadow do you wear on a normal basis? Are you a routine gal or does it change based on your mood? Or do you just play every morning? Or do you not wear eyeshadow unless it is a special occasion? Leave me some feedback!

Until next time~
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  1. I change up my eyeshadows every day, but it's usually a variation of a neutral color. I enjoy wearing pinks and purples as well every so often.